VGM Playlists

The following playlists were curated by myself and users on the GamersBench Discord server! Each playlist features video game music centered on specific level themes (i.e., beach, snow, fire, etc.). Licensed music is excluded!

Just click the playlist title to listen to the playlist on YouTube. Listening with shuffle enabled is recommended!

01. “Blue Shores” ~ Beach, Tropical, & Island Video Game Themes

02. “Winter Warning” ~ Snow, Ice, & Winter Video Game Themes

03. “Swirling Sands” ~ Desert Video Game Things

04. “Incinerator” ~ Fire & Lava Video Game Themes

05. “Flight Music” ~ Flying, Sky, & Wind Video Game Themes

06. “Hidden Forest” ~ Forest & Woods Video Game Themes

07. “Dark Cavern” ~ Underground, Cave, & Mines Video Game Themes

08. “Out of This World” ~ Outer Space, Spaceship, & Space Station Video Game Themes

09. “Aquatic Adventure” ~ Aquatic, Underwater, & Waterside Video Game Themes

10. “Night Life” ~ City at Night Video Game Themes

11. “Darkness Descends” ~ Haunted House, Graveyard, & Darkness Video Game Themes

12. “Circus Celebration” ~ Circus, Carnival, & Festival Video Game Themes

13. “Jungle Jams” ~ Jungle, Rainforest, & Savanna Video Game Themes

14. “Rocky Climb” ~ Mountain, Valley, & Canyon Video Game Themes

15. “Swamp Songs” ~ Swamp & Marshland Video Game Themes

16. “Railroad Tracks” ~ Train, Subway, & Train Station Video Game Themes

17. “Shop Till You Drop” ~ Shop, Store, & Mall Video Game Themes

18. “Walk the Plank” ~ Pirate & Pirate Ship Video Game Themes


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